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Just a few messages from some of our happy owners:

“Hi Angus

I am just writing to confirm that I use the land all around the park on a daily basis.

I walk my dogs perhaps 3 times a day up there, and spend many hours watching the wildlife. I watch the development of the tadpoles. The yearly movement patterns of the deer. It is an ideal viewing platform to watch the buzzards on the thermals.

I am a keen oberver of the seasonal changes in the landscape, and have taken many photographs of the plants, fungi and animals on the park.

I also find that the top land is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise, and also the moon rise. I often go up at night with a torch to observe the night sky.

On days off, I sit and meditate on that land, or occasionally take a book to read. Sometimes I sit and watch the cloud formations, or storms coming in from miles away.

In better weather, other residents will sit together up there and have long chats whilst our dogs play.

My partner also spends a lot of time up there, doing the same things.”



I find the natural grounds are an integral part of living here and spending time in natural countryside. In fact it was one of the main factors in my decision to buy here. The peace and quiet of this wooded area are very beneficial to living a stress free life and as soon as I drive up here feel any anxiety I may have experienced disappearing.

I have a small dog and we get enormous pleasure from walking up to the quarry, which is part of the grounds and don’t feel any need to go further afield. The wildlife here, because of the variety of natural habitat, is abundant, including foxes, badgers, rabbits and a small herd of red deer. It’s also an excellent place for spotting rare species of birds, with bird nesting boxes being used.

Most, if not all of the people I know, who have static caravans or lodges here have chosen this site because of one or all of the above factors enhancing their lives.”

David Pardoe,
17, Stoneyfold Park

“I walk my dog several times a day on the land above the chalets and caravans at Stoneyfold Caravan Park, Bosley, and enjoy meeting other residents up there who are out walking for pleasure.”

Ann Elsmore

“Dear Angus,

We use the land above the caravan park on a daily basis to walk our dog and also to take advantage of the quietness to look at the wildlife that is up there, this also applies to the lower part of the land where the quarry once was and also the woodland around the land.

It is very common for Maxine & myself to be up there for a good few hours a day we take our folding chairs to take advantage of the wonderful surroundings.”

Dave & Maxine Bennett
Plot 10

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