Please find below a list of our most commonly asked questions, along with corresponding answers. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07973 728 547, or alternatively you can submit a question to us using our online enquiry form.

Do your lodges come with a warranty?
Yes, all of our lodges come with a 10 year Gold Shield park home warranty.
What is the Gold Shield 10 Year Warranty Scheme?
The Gold Shield 10 Year Warranty Scheme is a free 10-year structural warranty, providing total peace of mind for purchasers of new park homes. The scheme was launched in 1987 by the National Park Homes Council, as a statement of confidence in the quality and durability of park homes.
How do I pay for electricity and gas?
Your electricity is supplied on a prepaid card system – therefore costs will be dependent on your usage. You will pay the same cost per unit (currently 12 pence) that Stoneyfold Park is charged by the utility company – we will not add any additional charges. Gas is supplied by propane bottles which are in two pairs, so when one pair are exhausted the supply is switched over to the full pair. At that stage the empty pair are changed by our designated supplier with whom we have negotiated prices based on the whole park usage. You deal directly and pay directly to the supplier and hence, we take no profit from the supply of gas.
How is the Park maintained?
Stoneyfold Park is regularly maintained to a high standard, in particular the gardens and areas surrounding the lodges. If you wish to create your own garden and maintain it yourself, that is fine although we would like to be consulted to ensure it fits aesthetically with the surroundings.
How secure is the site?
The Park Warden lives on the site and the lodge area is protected by an automatic barrier.
Can ownership be shared?
We’re afraid not, because the homes are sold under the Mobile Homes Act 2013. We prefer 50+ retired owner occupiers only to ensure that the park rules are adhered to and peace and tranquility prevails.
Are there any additional charges?
There is an annual site rent, which is RPI Index Linked.
Can I sub-let my lodge?
Unfortunately, no.
Would my family have to pay inheritance tax on my lodge?
The home would be included as an asset for IHT purposes.
How are my interests protected when buying?
The Code of Practice for Selling and Siting Mobile Homes sets out industry-approved ‘minimum standards’ for the services provided by park owners. Its provisions include an acknowledgement of your right to take independent advice on any aspect of an intended purchase, be this from a surveyor, lawyer or any other professional. The Code of Practice also requires us, as park owners to provide you with certain written information to consider before making a decision.
Is Stoneyfold Park a licensed Park?
Yes, most definitely. Stoneyfold park holds a local authority site licence which means we have to ensure that the operation of the park follows the detailed conditions laid down in the site licence, which protects your own interests and safeguards the value of your investment.
Do I actually own the plot and the home?
No, you only own your home. The Written Statement allows you to station your luxury lodge you have purchased on a plot, which is owned by Stoneyfold Park, usually for a period of at least 30 years.
What if I decide to sell?
You have the right to sell either privately, through an agent or to Stoneyfold Park. Before you sell your home and assign your agreement you must notify Stoneyfold Park of your intention and the price required. You must keep us informed of negotiations because we must give our consent to any prospective purchaser. We would need to interview prospective purchases to ensure they will integrate well with the community. However, we are not allowed to withhold our permission except on reasonable grounds, which must be given in writing. Stoneyfold Park is entitled to a transfer fee of up to 10% of the purchase price when the agreement is re-assigned to a new purchaser.
How are prefab lodge homes different from log cabins?
The real differences are the method of construction and that prefab homes generally come fully furnished. A modern lodge is prefabricated in a covered factory then shipped to its destination and professionally sited and connected to the required services like electricity and water. Once installed, a luxury lodge becomes a fully equipped and luxurious home. Inside there are good-sized living areas and a fully equipped kitchen, built-in cupboards and wardrobes, two bedrooms and a fitted bathroom. Central heating and double-glazing are installed as standard, and so is carpeting/flooring throughout. On the other hand log cabins are built on site timber by timber, and manufacturers use timber of different thickness and this will reflect in the quality and cost of the log cabin.
What are Park Fees and how much should I budget for them?
Park Fees are charges raised by the park operator to cover the upkeep and maintenance of the park. Our park fees are RPI index linked upwardly only. Stoneyfold Park adheres to the Code of Practice laid down by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), which prohibits excessive rises in fees such as ground rent.
How long can my lodge be sited on the park?
We offer a minimum of 30 years, as long as the home is kept in good condition. We also give the owner the right to sell their home on the park, and the right to leave it to certain members of the family.
What are the main advantages of lodge living?
Lodges make stylish and comfortable homes where couples can make the most of their leisure time together. Our lodges are imaginatively space planned, with generous living areas, both inside and outside and can be used all year round. We have invested heavily in creating carefully landscaped and well laid-out surroundings to compliment our lodges.
Am I allowed to keep pets?
We allow non guarding breeds of dogs and other domestic pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash within the actual park. However, we have a further 35 acres of grounds to enjoy, although we do ask residents to consider nesting birds during the breeding season.
What standards are lodges built to?
Lodges are built to either British Standard 3632 (2005) or British Standard European Norm 1647. All of our lodges are built to BS 3632 (2005), a full residential specification with standards of construction and insulation making it viable for all year round use.
From what materials are the lodges built?
Built on a steel chassis, lodges are timber framed and provided with a tough and durable weatherproof exterior cladding. Particular attention is paid to achieving a high level of insulation – often of equal or superior value to cavity wall buildings. This keeps heat loss and future energy bills to a minimum. Lodges are designed for easy maintenance, and owners are most unlikely to be faced with the sudden high repair bills, which can be a common feature of a traditionally built bricks-and-mortar property.
How are prefab homes actually built?
It’s not so much “how” as “where” which makes the main difference. Prefab homes like lodges are constructed under carefully controlled workshop conditions, before being thoroughly checked and transported to the park. Here they are sited on a concrete base and connected to all mains services such as electricity, gas and water.
What is the typical life expectancy of prefab log homes like a lodge?
Modern lodges such as the Wessex Milbourne Classic, are extremely robust. Properly maintained, a home should easily last for up to 50 years.
Can I live all year round on your park?
Our Park has been designed for the semi-retired and retired only as a permanent place of residence – the minimum age for seniors is 50 +. However, that does not mean younger members of the family or friends cannot visit.
What lodges do you currently have for sale?
Please visit our “Lodges for Sale” page.
Do we receive security of tenure?
Our Park has a permanent licence and all our homeowners receive the benefit of security of tenure as laid down by the Mobile Homes Act 2013 of Parliament. The Agreement also ensures that residents may, at any time, sell their own Park Home with the Park Owners presently receiving a Transfer Fee of 10% of the Sale Price.
What services are provided?
Please visit our “Amenities & Services” page
How do the costs compare with conventional housing?
They compare very favourably, and many people find that the sale of a larger family house provides sufficient cash to buy a luxurious, modern park home with enough funds left over to provide financial security.
How are park homes different from conventional houses?
Unlike conventional homes, residential park homes can be regarded as modular housing. The only real difference is the method of construction and that they come fully furnished. Other than this, a modern park home resembles in every way an attractively designed traditionally built bungalow with a pitched roof.
Does legislation offer any protection to owners?

It does indeed. The Mobile Homes Act 1983 gives owners of park homes security of tenure – and that is probably its single most important safeguard. It also gives the owner the right to sell the home on the park, and the right to leave it to certain members of the family.

What are the main advantages of park home living?

The social benefits are most readily appreciated by many. Our park is very much a community of like minded couples, where no-one need suffer the sense of isolation so often felt by people in retirement – especially those who move away from familiar surroundings. Individual privacy is, of course, respected as it would be anywhere.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty when purchasing a Lodge Home?

There is no Stamp Duty to be paid when purchasing a lodge home.

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